BuJo Vegan Kit

BuJo Vegan Kit

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4 BuJo Beyond Meat Vegan Burgers.
Love burgers but also love being vegan? No problem here are 4 of the very best meat-free vegan burgers you can get.

BuJo Beyond Meat Burgers

  • 4 Beyond Meat, meat-free patties (Pea protein)
  • 4 Vegan buns (Gluten)
  • 250ml Vegan Burger sauce (Soya, Mustard)
  • 12 Slices of Vegan cheese 
  • 2 Whole dill pickles in vinegar

Plus a simple, step by step guide to make everything at home. Check out our easy to follow burger instructions on our Cooking Your Burgers page.

Is Woolcool insulation packaging Vegan?

No. Unfortunately other than polystyrene boxes, which are unbelievable bad for the environment, we are very limited on sustainable & ethical temperature control packaging for our kits. There are a number of solutions out there and they all have their pros and their cons whether that is for the use of plastic, the use of water, use of complex manufacture or ridiculously high carbon footprint due to shipment miles.

Wool is a by-product of keeping sheep. Woolcool are extremely sensitive to the animal welfare concerns within vegan ethics and are also a team of massive animal lovers. We are fiercely passionate about all aspects of the Environment and feel we must all do our bit to ensure we do not end up destroying our planet. 

In order for a sheep to stay healthy it must be sheared. Very few breeds of sheep will shed their own wool and so both DEFRA and the RSPCA state that sheep need to be sheared at least once every year as part of their welfare. 

As a result, there is plenty of Wool around, if this was not used, it would probably end up burnt or dug back into the soil. This would be a massive waste for a material which such amazing and sustainable properties. Woolcool’s wool is a British/European wool mix, as a result all farmers in these regions have high animal welfare expectations. For example, within the UK, sheep shearers need to go through training to become a licensed shearer. It is also worth noting that we do not use lambs wool, only Wool of those parent sheep you see in the field.

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