Does the BuJo Home Meal Kit come with cooking instructions?

Yes, our culinary director Grainne O’Keefe has provided a step by step guide on how to replicate our famous BuJo Burger at home. Check it out here.

Where can I find the allergens for the BuJo Home Meal Kit?

Each pack contains a brochure with all relevant information.

Can I customize my BuJo Home Meal Kit?

Unfortunately not, right now it will just be our signature BuJo Burger with all the essential ingredients.

Do you take cash as payment?

No, with the growing circumstances we will only be taking payments online securely through our website.

How do I know when my package will be delivered?

You will receive a confirmation email upon checkout with all the important stuff, our deliveries will all be contactless so there is no need to worry.

Can I get Vegetarian or Gluten free as an option in my BuJo Home Meal Kit?

We know how important this is for a lot of you, this is something we are working on and will implement shortly, however for now it's our standard BuJo Burger.

Does the BuJo Meal Kit come in different sizes?

Unfortunately not at this point, however we are working on this and may be able to supply different sizes in the future.

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